April 29, 2009


It's been exactly one week since I shipped out my application to Australia.

I hate waiting.

My friend Adam said some very encouraging things yesterday on the phone. He reminded me that these are the passions that God has placed in my heart. So even if I try to push things back or manipulate the situation, these passions will always be there and I will eventually do it. It's just best to do it now when I have absolutely no ties in my life.

Funny how God is definitely keeping me free of that, even though I want to fight Him constantly.

I should be encouraged by this rough period. It should remind me that I'm doing the right thing and once again, I can't screw this up! God is breaking me (not by my will) from anything that could potentially be a distraction.

Blahhh I don't want to wait anymore to hear back from YWAM haha. I just want to know so I can continue to move forward. Start figuring what else I could do with my time. Oh man, do I LOVE being in control.

Stupid stupid stupid.


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