April 19, 2010

This is cute and catchy.

April 8, 2010

For those who don't know what's going on in my life, here is a quick update:

1) Young adults ministry going through some major changes
  • We are in desperate need of young adults who have a passion for this ministry. Who want to exercise their talents and gifts while building community with others.
  • I recently just became the worship coordinator for the group which means I would love to meet you if you know how to lead because we need more worship leaders.
  • I love how God has put this passion in my heart. I didn't know this was what I really had a heart for... I would love to see the young adults in this city be able to come together and learn to live life and love God fully.
2) Taking on more responsibilities when it comes to the leading the high school worship
  • Dustin is teaching me all about stage set up and sound.
  • Soon he is going to teach me about how to play around with loops
  • My guitar playing is being stretched and my finger tips hate me
  • Learning how to really lead a band and know how to instruct each instrument has been quite the challenge.
  • How to really worship while being on stage and having multiple distractions
  • Wanting to see more of a "family" aspect with the band members... I seriously love them.
  • Showing the students how powerful prayer is and why it's important to pray for others.
  • Opening up to the girls and letting them get to know me and all my weirdness.
3) Leadership Training Course for the next 9 months
  • A lot of great books to read
  • How to be a great leader and train others to be leaders.
4) Trying to find a job to work around all those things, because in my head they are top priority.

5) I was hesitant to put this up here but eh, why not... James.
  • It's not hard to find time to hang out with him since he works at the Vineyard
  • Over the past 4 months he has become my best friend
  • He somehow can listen to my crazy rants and help sort out my scattered thoughts
  • He has a passion for the young adults community as well. So we push each other in that area.
  • His smile aint to shabby either.
  • He is showing me a lot more than what a good boyfriend looks like... with the help of God of course.
  • He makes me laugh the hardest and doesn't get offended easily... thank God.
  • And he wont let me freak out and run away... which happened a lot before.

So pretty much these are the vague things I spoke of earlier. For a while I was having a hard time seeing what God was doing in my life. That caused me to doubt to the point where I just didn't know what to really think anymore. But what would faith be if it was easy? God is continuously showing me what it looks like to live for him day to day. Instead of some big grand adventure that people love hearing about, it's the small things I am listening for. Writing all this out helps me see how much God is pushing me and slowly shifting my life in a new direction. God has put all of this together... I can't take any credit. I never thought I would be doing any of this... on top of that, I never thought I would be with a guy like James haha. Just shows God's sense of humor.

To most people on paper, I look like I don't have anything going for me. I have no college degree or job right now. But I know that God has something up His sleeve and I am not worried about what my future looks like. As long as I am chasing after Him and open to the opportunity to be a servant to the advancement of the Kingdom... I'll be alright.

April 6, 2010

So, I forgot all about this little blog entry I wrote while I was in the Sydney airport. Since I couldn't get on the internet there I figured I would post it later on. I never posted it. I think it's hilarious now but at the time I was so pissed and annoyed. Funny how God works. Still amazes me.

July 5, 2009

I'm writing this in the Sydney airport because, of course, I missed my plane. I would be in the sunshine coast right now if I hadn't... but what can you do? I had done a good job keeping my composure all the way up until this point. I was seriously so proud of myself for not shedding one tear. There were many times when I wanted to when I started thinking about everyone and how much I'm going to miss them. My plane was on time but it took forever to go through customs and then I got lost and had to ask a million people where I needed to go after I got my luggage. I ended up having to pay 5 dollars to take a stupid train to one stop down and get off and have another guy tell me where to go. Unfortunately it was too late by the time I got to the check in for my luggage all over again... they had just closed the gate and were NOT going to open it for me. So lucky me had to pay a terrible 70 dollar late fee. I almost cried at the counter I was so frustrated/scared/nervous. They were incredibly snobby girls at the counter too... that really didn't help. So now, the closest flight I could get on wasn't until 1:50... so here I am.... waiting.

I can't describe this feeling I have. My first flight from Cincy to LA was pretty easy. Went by super fast and we got there early as well which was nice. As we were flying into LA we flew into the sunset and all the streams of colors were all around. It was seriously remarkable. I felt so independent and so free. But at the same time I felt so alone in that airplane by myself. By the time we got to LA it was dark out and as we were flying closer into the city I could see tons and tons of fireworks going off. I can't describe any emotions that were going through my heart. It was incredibly beautiful and everything was so dark except for the city lights and the fireworks. It almost looked like a war zone honestly... because hundreds of houses were lighting their own fireworks.

I somehow found my way through the LA airport and got to the terminal all in one piece. Anyone who tried to tell me I would totally be fine and there would be no problem.... you were wrong. I officially HATE airports. Nothing makes sense when you get off of them. It's not so hard getting onto the plane... it's getting off that's the problem. BUT I did make it onto the plane and ended up sitting with two guys who were pretty chill. One man was older and was a teacher who lives right outside of Nashville which was pretty funny to me. And the other guy was more closer to my age and he was an architect from Indianapolis. They were both super sweet and helped me out so much. I passed out for a good chunk of the plane ride haha. They would take my food for me and pull down my little tray and set it on there for me so I wouldn't miss a meal. We would talk occasionally about what movie to watch and just casual conversation but I never felt awkward or obligated to talk to them. That made the plane ride actually feel like it flew by (haha). The only thing I woke up for was food time.

And well... I told you earlier what happened when I got off the plane. I then had to find a pay phone to somehow get ahold of the ywam base to tell them I missed my flight and when I would be there. The pay phone was extremely confusing so I had to ask the girl at the desk if she knew how to work it and she was trying to help me and we couldn't understand it. I ended up starting to cry at the desk cause by this time I have been flying for 19 hours, on and off sleep, missing everyone, frustrated I missed my flight, and didn't know how the heck I could get ahold of anyone. Her and the other girl at the desk were so sweet and were like, "Ahh no! Don't cry! You'll make the both of us cry!" hahaha they were so sweet. The three of us finally figured it out and I got ahold of the girl that was going to pick me up and she sounded so sweet on the phone. That was encouraging and she told me to not worry and she'll be there waiting.

Well, this is kind of embarrassing but I figure I might as well be open about everything because this is definitely an adventure. I ended up going into the bathroom into the last stall and just cry. I needed to let some of this out or else I was going to just bust. Plus I knew I had about 5 hours to kill... so I was in no rush at this point. Eventually I gave myself a pep talk because for pete's sake... I'm 21 and I should be able to handle this. I told myself I needed to suck it up and deal with the situation. So you know what I did? I got a Diet Coke from McDonalds and walked around haha. I hate how airports never have free wifi anymore! I was almost debating on paying for it because I'm going to be here for a while but... oh well.

I can't believe I totally skipped a day. Fast forward through time on the plane. It's sunday here but technically it's really saturday in my head. Man oh man... this is quite the adventure. How to I get myself in these situations? Why do I pick the most extreme route to do things? Eh, at least I'll have even more stories to tell. I want to call so many people right now but I can't because that would cost me a TON of money. And I've already spent a chunk just to freaking get around this stupid airport. I obviously am not a fan of airports...

I just want to get to the ywam base and not think about anything else anymore. I just want to get to the final destination... getting there is always the hardest part. You could write a whole sermon series on that. I'm sure someone has used the analogy of an airport. If not... they should... cause it's hell on earth and God is the smiling friend that's holding the sign that says your name patiently waiting for you to come home.

I can't believe I'm in Australia. I can't believe I'm going to "school" tomorrow morning. Waking up at 6am for breakfast with a ton of strangers. On top of all of this...I've never lived on the beach before! I've always been surrounded by concrete and city and at one point a good lake.

Life is funny. I would have never thought I'd be doing this when I was in high school. I don't even know what to expect from all of this... haha. The only thing I know for sure is God has got something up His sleeve.

Only 1 hour and 50 mins to go... sigh. I feel so gross... I need a shower big time and why does my tetris arm still hurt?!!

Ok... I'm getting some food.