April 27, 2009

There's more...

What happened to romance now a days? I mean really?! What happened to women being so level headed that the men HAD to fight for them. I feel like now a days men can so easily just find something easier. If one girl seems like she might be a little harder to capture I feel like men just give up so easily and try to find a different one that will be easy. What happened to being pursued and letting love make you do crazy things?

I'm don't want a man who isn't willing to wait or fight for me. What about the old fashion way? Men going off to war and women waiting for what must have felt like forever for their men. I mean, I don't know what all I'm doing but I know that if someone isn't willing to jump in with me... he just isn't worth it.

I hate being in my twenties sometimes. People are scared of taking chances and getting hurt. Whats the point of living then?! I'm sick of living on the safe side.

I guess I can't change people's minds though.
Only God knows what's best for me.

Obviously the things I want aren't haha.


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