March 5, 2009


I started writing again. Kind of a fun thing. I still get frustrated but thats okay because at least I have motivation to write.

I need to start writing poetry randomly through the day. That would help my crappy lyrics get better.

I'm in a weird mood today. Kind of in a funk. Probably because I realized how much I have been sucking at being the best bride I can be for Christ. That's something I'm not going into detail about but we all have our seasons. And just like I said before, I'm trying to push through this one.

It's really windy today... and I want to blow away with it. I'm already sick of being here. I'm ready to keep moving.

Random random random random random.

Practice #1:
In my bed
Feeling dead
Moving on
Feel strong
Picking up Ben
At 3pm
Grandparents come late
That's the end of my day.

That'll be a hit one day.


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