March 9, 2009

How funny.

I had an amazing weekend filled with lots of friends and cool places. I met a few new people and became better friends with others. I ended up going to some underground hip hop show at Rohs St. Cafe. The diversity in the room was amazing. There were old folks, teenagers, college students, kids, parents in all sorts of races. I loved being in that sort of environment... I feel like the only time I got that in Nashville was when I went to The Cool Kids/Matt and Kim show hah.

In a way I miss having one central place where everyone goes. Makes it easier to see faces more often then get to know them. But Cincinnati is full of little coffee shops all scattered throughout the city. Two of the main coffee shops in Clifton are owned by Christians, which is pretty cool because they have open mic nights where anyone can come and bring their talent. Doesn't matter what you perform, it's all about your gift.

On sat night I went to a bar/coffee shop called Highland with two girl friends of mine. I love how old most of the buildings in Cincy are, gives each one its own unique quality. This place is full of aeclectic things, they even had an old school cash register. Anyway, the three of us talked till it got pretty late and I have seriously been craving some time with just girls. That night really meant a lot to me.

So, if anyone knows why my phone isn't sending pictures this is let me know!


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