March 18, 2009

I'm not creative enough.

So yesterday I was so excited to go out with the girls after work. I don't ever "go out with the girls"... so I was happy! I would show pictures BUT, people suck. Want to know why they suck? Well let me start from the beginning:

Briana came over right after she was done with her exams and we went to the grocery store to buy a bottle of wine and frozen pizza. We are classy girls ;) hah. I decided it was about time to take some new pictures so we were taking stupid pictures while waiting for the pizza. Then our friend Catherine came over to join the party. She also passed her boards and needed to celebrate as well. So, we decided to go out to a bar that my friend works at.

We get to the bar and there is barely anyone there but we had enough energy to make our own fun! So we were just talking to my buddies that were working and hanging out having a good time. We had all of our purses together and Briana put my camera in her purse because I didn't have any room in my little clutch for much else. Welp... You can probably now assume what happened.

I seriously don't know how someone had time to steal Briana's purse because usually there was at least one of us by them. What's weird was, they didn't steal the little black clutch that they could easily walk away with, or the huge gold bag/purse that obviously had a lot of stuff in it. They decided to steal the mediocre small white purse.

Poor Briana had her wallet, phone, keys, camera PLUS my camera stolen. Someone lucky *bad word* got two nice cameras. Oh that makes me so mad.

So there is the story.

Still blows my mind though because there was barely anyone in that bar. Luckily there was a camera there and my buddy Adam is going to check the tapes today to see if we can catch this purse thief.

Briana stayed over and I bought her Starbucks and took her back to her house where her parents were already changing the locks on their house. Such violation you know? Even though it was probably a stupid college student who just wanted some extra cash and wouldn't even think about breaking into someone's house. Better to be safe than sorry.

I learned that I trust people way too easily. Bummer.

Dang you Cincinnati!

Eh, I can only thank Jesus that I just lost a camera. Nothing else.


Tim said...

aaaww... that sucks. Damn camera thief... I want to beat em

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