March 3, 2009

Keith Green

So, I started reading No Compromise the life story of Keith Green. It's been pretty amazing so far. I am eternally grateful to Ian Lincoln. Don't worry Ian... I will pass this book on :). It's been fascinating to hear how God really is constantly trying to get our attention. Even when we are completely distracted and trying to live life our way.

I still feel like I'm on a very long vacation. Like, I'll be back in Nashville in a week and all of my stuff will still be there. Lisa will still be my roommate and I can still call up any of my friends to get dinner or lunch.

Today was a big realization though... Cincinnati is only temporary. It doesn't feel so temporary when I have nothing to do after my 3-4 hour work day. Nothing to do before and after. For the past few weeks I've felt like I am just going through the days. I'm slowly losing the reason why I moved here in the first place. Today was a day where I think God really started poking at my heart and being like, "Come on katieee... Cincinnati wasn't the permanent plan!" Thank the Lord it's not... No offense Cincy.

So tomorrow is the big day. I'm going to my parents house after "work" and we are sitting down and looking over all the ywam bases again and then I'm completely filling out my application stuff. Things are going to get done... and I mean it.

I can already tell though that it's going to suck leaving this family I nanny. The parents are amazing and I am REALLY love the kids. Funny for me to be saying. Little ben is one of the most hilarious kids I've ever met. Throw Sam into the mix and you've got two hilarious boys on your hands. I am so blessed even though they can be little boogers sometimes. Ben knows of all these awesome places here in Cincy and it blows my mind because he is only 10! He keeps saying stuff like, "Oh Katie you have to go to this place... its amazing, you'll love it!" He even told me about a cool Hookah place in Clifton! I said, "how do you know of a hookah place in Clifton?!!" For those of you who don't live in Cincy... It's where the UC campus is and its pretty shady at times. So for this kid to be telling me of all the hot spots there... makes me feel pretty lame for not already knowing about them haha!

I could tell story after story already about these boys... so there are defintely plenty more to come. Overall... I never thought I would love my job this much. I thought it would do and it would just get me to the next thing. But I'm realizing that I really do love doing this and this is something I could do for a while. BUT I cannot keep thinking that because I have to keep moving forward.

Well, I thought about coming to Nashville this weekend but then realized that I still need to make friends in Cincy so that plan fell through. Even though I love Cooper and it's his birthday... I need to stay here. I'll make it up to him on a different weekend. I mean... he didn't come to Cincy for my birthday ;). Sucks having to push through hard times in order to get to the good ones. Right now I feel like im trying to push through a brick wall. 1. I can't see through to the other side and 2. It's pretty lonely being the only one pushing.

I wish I had someone to help me push.


Tim said...

I read that book too! Good book.

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