March 6, 2009


I sent a picture to my blog and nothing came up! It was really funny too!! Ahh man.

Today is a better day than yesterday.
Thank the Lord for that.

Tomorrow my dad and I are sitting down and getting all my ywam stuff together. I know I said we were gonna do it last night but I ended up hanging out with Case instead haha. Procrastination much? Maybe.

It's probably bad when I put off doing ywam stuff to go sing karaoke with Case hah! Oh well, I needed a good laugh and Cincinnati karaoke bars are a great way to boost your self esteem! Seriously, if you want to hear some awful singers... come on up. I mean, not to sound cocky but... Case and I owned the place.

Case sang a little Circle of Life and I sang a little Kings Of Leon. I probably sang the most trendiest song that night... ehhhh what can ya do?!

It's a nice day out today, maybe Ben and Sam will go to the park with me.
Maybe I'll make them!


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