May 11, 2009

A Statement

I have some of the most amazing core girls in my life.

Briana, Christine and Catherine are amazing women of God and its amazing how we can get together and just build each other up.

Who can honestly say they have friends that:
1. don't cause drama
2. push you spiritually
3. comfort you in time of need
4. not only can have fun but can create the fun
5. aren't afraid to take on challenges
6. love God more than themselves
7. vulnerable so the friendship can get deeper
8. will pray with and for you
9. can show their flaws and make jokes about them
10. hold you accountable in a loving way

I have that.

All 4 of us have such a strong desire to pursue God more and when we all get together... it gets REAL good. We have such strong passions and characteristics that somehow we balance each other out and I fully believe God is gonna use us for something big.

The only person I wish could be a 5th member would be Lisa. Miss that girl so much and she has been all these things with me as well. She is here in spirit haha.

Im not about to write this to get praise... I honestly just want to write this down:

God has seriously broken me down so much last week that for the first time I think I understand what it means to actively pursue Him. These girls have had visions and dreams and we all combined have separate gifts that bring something HUGE to the table. Just the other night Catherine and I went out to a bar and she ended up getting words from God to give to some guys we met. Totally encouraged them and let them know God still had their marriages in His hands. But we weren't planning on having a major spiritual experience that night! We just wanted to go out and have some fun! God is a big big God and I'm realizing that more and more each day.

I love being in this place now. I love not having anything BUT God. I wont have a job in 3 weeks, I don't have any sort of boyfriend and I wont have a place to live soon. I have absolutely nothing that could possibly distract me from my Lord. Most people would think I am in deep water and need to start thinking about my future but honestly... I only want to think about Jesus.

Sounds crazy but isn't that what love is?? Love is blind! I'm walking blind with Jesus but am falling madly in love.

I have never been so fascinated in my creator.


steg stories said...

You make your parents proud. You are definitely on the correct set of tracks in life.

The world needs more young people like you.


lisa milone said...

i love you!! and i am there in spirit haha :)

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