May 24, 2009


I love my parents. I know a lot of young folks my age that can't say the same and sometimes I feel bad talking about how blessed I am. But why should I try to hide the fact that I feel so unworthy of having this amazing family.

I know in this picture it looks like it was mid day but the sun was actually starting to set and the air was finally thinning out. Beautiful. My parents and I went out onto the back patio and sat in the hammock chairs and talked about life. One of my favorite things to do now is sit outside with good friends/family and talk about life, love and God. Nothing bad can come from that. There is no gossip, no lies, no worry... nothing but revelations, encouragement and scripture. My dad has always been good at asking fun questions to answer and he asked me where I would gauge my relationship with God right now?

I thought about all of the craziness that has been going on. Recently it has started to level back out and I've had to start on all the crap I have to get ready for ywam in July. I know that God has all this money stuff in control but my earthly body is slightly freaking out. 5,500 dollars is a lot of money to raise in 7 weeks.

He's got this. He's got this. He's got this. He's got this. He's got this.

I do on the other hand have my visa and my passport and my support letters all completed! Now we just have to book the bajillion flights to get me there and back. I'm already terrified of airports because they are so confusing... so how in the world am I going to go through multiple flight changes and attempt to not miss a flight? Pfft... no clue.

He's got this. He's got this. He's got this. He's got this. He's got this.

Oh boy, what an adventure. I feel like my story is just now starting to take shape. It's becoming interesting to tell.

Moved to Nashville when I was 18 to pursue music
Ended up having new passions ignite in me
Learned how much I love meeting new people
Learned I love to travel and find fun places
Moved back to Cincinnati
Developed some amazing life long friendships
God wrecked me in order to save me
Now I'm off to travel the world

Side note:
This is Jen and Drew.

They got married today <3 <3
Sorry I got the flu Jen... I suck.

I was actually going to be in her wedding but of course I would get the flu 3 days before. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate how I couldn't be there. I wanna hear alllllllllllllllllll about it though ;)

Ok back to my ramblings.

I'm happy. My sister gets married in a week and that's gonna be crazy to watch. My mind is going to be all over the place. Because right when we get back from Chattanooga we have to pack up everything again and leave for Europe two days later. Then two days after we get back there is a benefit show we are throwing to help me raise money for Australia. So lots and lots of stuff going on. I'm sure I'll be stressing out like crazy but trying to act calm and trust God.

Life is crazy!! If you asked me where I would be at 21 when I was in high school... I would probably say in college playing music trying to "make it." Because music was my dream. I still love writing and playing but there is so much more that I want to experience. This world is too big and I haven't seen anything yet.

Speaking of... anyone want to give me a camera? I can't afford one considering I have to raise 5000 by July 1st. And I would realllllly like to take pictures of the exotic places I go. Just throwin that out there if you even read this far.

Ok, enough talk. I need to drive home and attempt to fall asleep.


Tim said...

that's right... just keep trusting Him and saying "He's got this"


Anonymous said...

awww i want to come sit at your parents house outsie with you when you get back!! i miss going over there..

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