February 2, 2009

Long Day

Wow... 19 days before I leave and I finally found this:
This is the love of my life in Cincinnati. I can't believe it was hiding in the Brentwood Target of all places?! This drink is absolutely incredible. But I ended up not buying it because I didn't want a 12 pack. That is Big Red overload. I only want one, sip on it, and thoroughly enjoy it.

Ok enough talk about that, I have to go meet Lisa at Fido. Living in Brentwood is weird because I have to plan out my plans and make it full out trip when I want to go downtown. I'll probably update this even more when I am there with her :) yay!


Brian said...

i think they have big red at white castles so ya know if you ever get the craving away from brentwood

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