July 14, 2009

Week 2: Knowing God

Father's Heart

So in our lectures this week we are talking about God as our Father and what all that means to us personally.

A few things that I wrote down were simply talking about how God corrects us and transforms us through discipline NOT punishment. A lot of people think that God puts us through things in order to teach us a lesson but that's not it at all. Sure, God may allow some things to happen because He can use the time that we are "broken" or at our worst to speak to us. Who really wants to listen to God when you think you have it all together? At that point you don't think you even need Him.

God doesn't need a scare tactic to change us. We have free will and when we want to do our own thing we put our own selves in danger... He didn't make us do anything. But here is the cool part about God... when we come crawling back because the world can't fully satisfy... He loves us just the same and is excited we want to be with Him again. He embraces us with open arms and no judgement because He is just glad is child is back again.

We did this little exercize which I thought was pretty cool. The speaker gave us each a bible verse that was picked at random and told us to go somewhere around the building and just ask God what this verse means to us specifically. We don't often just sit and listen to God and try to hear what He has to say. I got the verse Isaiah 12:2 and I just layed in the sun and asked God what does this mean to me personally. I get what the verse says and what it says upfront... but what does God want me to hear when I read this? In the verse it says that God is my salvation and he is my defender and strength. I started to feel like maybe God was telling me that He isn't just a strength to get through tough situations... He is also constantly fighting off satan from my thoughts that are harmful to myself. Thoughts of being prideful or thoughts that aren't pure... basically any thought that doesn't bring glory to Him. And I realized that it's hard enough for me to constantly be thinking about things that are only good... but I don't have to worry because God is helping me fight them off. And when I feel like I am not strong enough to keep going and want to give into my ugly thoughts... God is also my strength.

So sitting in the grass God gave me the revelation of that... which was pretty cool :). We all came back and other people had lots of cool stories on how God spoke to them through their verse as well. One thing that one of the girls said really hit me and I needed to write it down because I think God tries to tell me this all the time as well.

She talked about how she was thinking about nature and how beautiful it was. You have the mountains and all the beautiful beaches all over the world... things people just marvel at. And God spoke to her and said, "Yeah, those are beautiful but you are far greater than those." And it's just so cool to think about... God delights in us FAR more than the mountains. He loves me and cherishes me... nothing else makes Him happier than to see His baby girl (me!) smile and sit in His presence.

Anyways... thats only a glimpse of what we have been learning haha. PLUS it's only been two days! I have 5 months of all this good stuff.

OH and I got to surf today... it really hurts and is exhausting but I don't want to stop now! I am going to try to do it as much as I can and really try to get decent at it.

Anyways, God is good and I am so happy I get to experience this. Especially at this YWAM base because it really was perfect for me specifically. Totally clicks with my lifestyle and the way I need to be taught.

There has been so much more that has happened and I wish I could write it all down but that would just be pages and pages.

I can't really upload pictures, but when I find a way to do that... it'll happen.

Love and miss everyoneeeee


dave workman said...

Very cool, Kate. Sounds like God is really speaking to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie! Just wanted you to know I'm praying for you tonight - you were on my mind and I found your blog and was so glad I looked you up...

Debbie Boyd

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having an awesome time, Katie. You are such an amazingly insightful young woman! And so blessed to have the imput of such wonderful parents. Have a great time; I hope you become even closer w/God and an expert surfer girl!!

Jennifer King

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