September 18, 2009

Short but Sweet

>> I leave for Thailand on Sunday at 5:15am for 2 weeks

>> I will live on a boat for about 2 weeks going from island to island in Indonesia

>> Then end up in Nias Indonesia to stay for the last 4 weeks

>> It was the last week of lectures... we cleaned the houses today and packed up

>> I'm extremely excited to go on this adventure and see how God changes me

>> I'm not so excited about the "squatty potties"

>> Definitely am excited to go back home to Cincy and begin the next adventure

>> I love the team I am going with on outreach, we know how to have fun

>> I made the BEST playlist ever this week... 43 songs that are worth every minute

>> Wont have a computer, phone, or the internet for 2 months... and I kind of like
that idea.

I pretty much love my life right now.
2009 has been the best year yet.
Being 21 is such a blast.
>> I love being young <<


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