January 30, 2009

Fiction Family

This is the reason why I love Jon Foreman. He writes worship songs, songs about his wife, songs about life, songs about whatever is on his mind. It's truly amazing. This is the reason why I look up to him so much as a songwriter. I grew up in a Christian home but I don't believe in God just because my mom and dad told me to. The Lord has made himself so relevant in my life that it's something I absolutely cannot deny. When I figured out that I loved writing music, I wanted to bring God into it but also wanted to write songs that weren't just worship songs. Jon Foreman is probably the best songwriter I know of who does that. He continuously brings the Holy Spirit into each show he plays and that room immediately "gets it."

What's funny is I am not quite sure if Sean Watkins from Nicklecreek is a "believer." But the fact that he has combined forces with a guy who takes verses straight out of the bible and makes non-cheesy beautiful songs out of them... They're quite the duo. Each of them played songs they co-wrote, individually wrote, and covered some incredible songs. Sean sang a song about a girl he loved who then became a lesbian (ha!). Then Jon would then sing a song about how God has saved him.

My heart gets warm every time I see love from such different prospectives - two different genres you could say. It bothers me when a lot of christians think that God can only been heard in church but you have someone like Jon proving that wrong everytime he plays a show. I felt God when I saw him at the Exit/In, Trevecca College, and now The Belcourt in Nashville TN. When I was playing music, that's exactly what I wanted to do. I still get pretty pumped up after shows like this and it makes me want to go home and immediately write some songs, get back on the horse. Maybe one day again... but right now is not the time.

Oh man, tonight was good. I laughed a lot which is always the perfect remedy from a long days work. I got to hang out with an old friend who, unforutnately, I never see! Lastly, I saw a great show that is well worth the $30.

Check it out. It's pretty terific.


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